On the Fast Track: New Vande Bharat Express Route Between Delhi and UP Announced

Travel enthusiasts and commuters have reason to rejoice as a new Vande Bharat Express train route has been announced, linking Uttar Pradesh to the national capital, New Delhi. The upcoming Agra-Vande Bharat Metro Express train is poised to embark on its maiden journey, catering to passengers traveling between New Delhi and Agra.

Speeding Ahead at 160 km/h

Promising swift and efficient travel, the Agra-Vande Bharat Metro train is set to operate at an impressive speed of 160 km/hr. This velocity positions it as a formidable competitor to the existing New Delhi Intercity service, ensuring expedited travel between the two destinations.

16 Coaches Covering 200 Kilometers

Comprising a total of 16 coaches, the New Delhi-Agra Vande Bharat Express train will traverse through Agra and Lucknow stations en route to its final stop, New Delhi. Covering a distance of approximately 200 kilometers, this route promises convenient connectivity and efficient transportation for passengers.

Scheduled Trial Run in July

As per current updates, the New Delhi-Agra Vande Bharat Metro Express is slated for trial runs on the railway section in July. With meticulous planning underway, railway authorities are gearing up to ensure seamless operations along this pivotal route, catering to the travel needs of commuters.

Morning Departure Timing

Aligned with the convenience of travelers, the New Delhi-Agra Vande Bharat Metro Express train is anticipated to commence its journeys in the morning. This timing aims to accommodate passengers’ schedules effectively, providing them with an early start for their day’s travel plans.

Emphasis on Safety Measures

In a concerted effort to prioritize passenger safety and operational efficiency, Indian Railways is implementing advanced safety systems like the Kawatch system. Recently, successful trials of this system were conducted on a Vande Bharat train between Palwal and Vrindavan. Railway Board Chairperson and CEO Jaya Verma Sinha underscored the significance of these safety measures, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced passenger experience.


The introduction of the Agra-Vande Bharat Metro Express heralds a new chapter in India’s railway connectivity, promising swift and efficient travel between New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. With its high-speed operations, comprehensive coach configuration, and emphasis on safety measures, this new route underscores Indian Railways’ commitment to enhancing the travel experience for passengers across the country. As preparations for trial runs gather momentum, commuters can look forward to seamless journeys and unparalleled convenience aboard the Vande Bharat Express.

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