Nithin Kamath’s Wife Opens Up About Breast Cancer Battle: ‘Better to Die’

Seema Patil Shares Candid Account of Chemotherapy Struggles and Supportive Journey with Zerodha CEO

Seema Patil, wife of Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath, recently revealed her harrowing experience battling breast cancer, shedding light on the challenges of chemotherapy and the unwavering support she received from her husband during her journey to recovery.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2021, Patil bravely fought through the grueling ordeal of chemotherapy, which she described as “really really bad” during the initial phase of treatment. In a candid conversation on “The Other Side” podcast with Dilip Kumar, she expressed her sentiments, stating, “better to die than go through this.” However, Patil found solace in staying active and pushing herself to walk despite the debilitating effects of treatment, ultimately aiding in her quicker recovery.

Throughout her battle, Patil prioritized maintaining her fitness and normalcy in life, emphasizing the importance of feeling “normal” amidst the turmoil of cancer treatment. She shared her dedication to working out as a means of coping with change, refusing to let the illness define her daily life.

Amidst the challenges, Nithin Kamath stood as a pillar of strength for Patil, infusing moments of levity with his humor and unwavering support. Despite the turbulent times, Kamath remained calm and kept Patil’s spirits high, using work as a positive distraction and fostering a sense of optimism throughout their journey together.

Patil also opened up about her approach to discussing her diagnosis with her son, Kiaan, initially hesitant to reveal the truth but realizing that honesty brought comfort to her son. She found that transparency and openness fostered a sense of understanding and acceptance for her family.

In a touching revelation, Patil shared that her blog titled “I am the healthiest person I know, and I got cancer! – Seema” was penned by Kamath, highlighting the profound bond of love and support between them during their battle against cancer.

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