Wednesday, November 29, 2023

    Flight Fiasco: IndiGo Faces Backlash for Alleged Deception at Bengaluru Airport


    In an unusual turn of events at Bengaluru airport, six passengers on an IndiGo flight bound for Chennai claim they were deceived into disembarking because the airline was unwilling to proceed with just six people on board. The incident, which occurred on Sunday night, has sparked outrage among the affected passengers, who assert that IndiGo misled them with promises of an alternative flight.

    Deceptive Maneuvers at Kempegowda International Airport

    The incident unfolded at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) following the landing of IndiGo flight 6E478, originating from Amritsar and en route to Chennai via Bengaluru. Allegedly, a ground crew member approached the six passengers after landing, urging them to disembark. The passengers were handed boarding passes for a different flight scheduled to depart for Chennai, compelling the group to exit the aircraft.

    IndiGo’s Alleged Misleading Tactics

    According to accounts from the passengers, they were informed by IndiGo that they would be accommodated on an alternative flight departing shortly. The passengers, trusting the information provided, deplaned, only to discover later that there was no other flight to Chennai that day. As a result, all six passengers were left stranded in the city overnight, departing for Chennai the following day.

    Outcry and Calls for Action

    Outraged by what they perceive as a “blatant lie” by IndiGo, the affected passengers are demanding accountability and compensation for the inconvenience caused. The incident has raised questions about the airline’s transparency and passenger communication policies.

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