Dubai rains: Anand Mahindra gives life lesson to Sanjiv Kapoor

New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) Giving a life lesson to former Jet Airways CEO-designate Sanjiv Kapoor, who responded to Anand Mahindra’s post on Dubai rains, the Mahindra Group Chairman on Thursday told him that it’s always good to “pause before you punch, reflect before you react”.

Mahindra had shared a video of roads in Dubai flooded with stagnant water on X, saying, “Nope. Not Mumbai. Dubai.”

The post caught the attention of Kapoor, who reposted it and wrote, “Incorrect analogy. Dubai was not built for such heavy rains – rains that would flood most cities. A better analogy would be if it suddenly snowed heavily in Bombay, which was obviously not built to handle snow at all. Would people in snowy Oslo mock Bombay?”

However, in a subsequent post, he clarified his stance, saying maybe it is not mocking Dubai.

But, “the point remains Dubai was not built for heavy rains, no matter what the source of the rain (seeding, etc.)”.

Now, Mahindra has reacted to Kapoor’s post, saying, “I’m glad you subsequently retracted your comment implying that I was mocking Dubai, Sanjiv.”

“In fact, the only purpose of my post was to highlight how atypical this weather was for Dubai,” he added.

Giving an example of Kapoor’s analogy, which he mentioned in his post, Mahindra said, “If it had ever snowed in Mumbai, I might well have said: ‘Nope. Not Oslo. Mumbai’ — for the very same purpose of highlighting how atypical this weather was for Mumbai; not to mock Mumbai.”

“I recommend that it’s always good to: PAUSE before you PUNCH, REFLECT before you REACT,” he added.



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