Delhi Fire Services receive record 220 calls in 24 hours

New Delhi, May 30 (IANS) The Delhi Fire Services (DFS) experienced an unprecedented surge in emergency calls, receiving 220 fire-related alerts from midnight on May 28 to midnight on May 29.

This marked one of the highest volumes of calls outside the Diwali festival period, which typically sees a spike in fire incidents due to fireworks and celebrations.

DFS Chief Atul Garg said that out of the 220 calls, 183 were directly related to fire outbreaks. “This is the highest number of fire-related calls we have received in a single day, excluding Diwali,” said Garg.

The DFS Chief did not specify the exact nature of the fires but noted that the high volume of calls included a range of incidents from minor blazes to more severe fires.

The causes of these fires are under investigation, but preliminary reports suggest a combination of factors such as electrical short circuits, negligence, and the ongoing heatwave that has gripped the city, exacerbating the fire risk.

Recently, a devastating tragedy struck Shahdara when a massive hospital fire claimed the lives of seven newborn babies. This incident has prompted multiple agencies to launch investigations and develop strategies to prevent such fatal occurrences in the future.

According to data provided by the fire department, the city has experienced 52 factory fires, 528 residential fires, two hospital fires, and 23 fires in business areas this year, with no incidents reported at coaching centres.

The fire officer advised residents to inspect the wiring of their electrical devices to ensure they could handle increased loads. “As the load increases, the wiring may fail to manage it. Installing local MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) in heavy equipment is crucial as they provide immediate tripping,” he explained.



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