Boney Kapoor Ordered to Provide Bank Guarantee in ‘Maidaan’ Payment Dispute

Court Ruling Sets Precedent for Contractual Obligations in Film Industry Financial Disputes

Producer Boney Kapoor finds himself embroiled in legal proceedings as the court directs him to deposit a bank guarantee, inclusive of interest, within eight days in the ongoing payment dispute related to the film ‘Maidaan’. The case, initiated by Ninad Nayampally, a camera equipment supplier, highlights the complexities of financial transactions within the film industry.

Representing Nayampally, Namrata Biyawat emphasized Kapoor’s admission of liability for the unpaid dues, both privately and publicly, underscoring the producer’s obligation to settle the outstanding amount. The court’s directive mandates the deposit of a bank guarantee for the principal sum, coupled with interest at 21% per annum, within the specified timeframe, signaling a pivotal development in the resolution of contractual disputes in the film fraternity.

In response, Kapoor’s legal representative, Ameet Naik, portrayed the injunction-seeking tactic as a common strategy employed by litigants on the eve of film releases. Despite the court’s refusal to grant an injunction, Kapoor remains committed to settling the principal amount, with Naik intending to challenge the ruling regarding interest liability, emphasizing the necessity of a trial for its determination.

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