Sunday, February 25, 2024

    Bihar caste survey report aimed at reaping political benefits, says Amit Shah


    Patna, Dec 10 , As Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Sunday presented the caste survey as an achievement of his government, Union Home Minister Amit Shah rejected his claim and said that it was prepared to kill the rights of backward caste people.

    “The caste survey was conducted in Bihar to benefit Muslim and one or two castes with the basic idea to take political benefits in election. With this, the rights of backward caste people were killed through this report. This is injustice to other cases,” he alleged after the 26th Regional Council Meeting of the East Zone here on Sunday.

    “When the proposal for the caste survey came before us, the BJP was in power in Bihar and we supported it. Even when the report came out and became law, the BJP supported it. Despite that, a number of questions are being raised now and these need to be addressed. Doing injustice with others for political benefits is not wise,” he added.




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