Bank of Baroda Faces Regulatory Scrutiny, Halts New ‘BOBWorld’ App Onboarding

In a significant development, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has exercised its authority under section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, directing Bank of Baroda to suspend new customer onboarding on their ‘bob World’ mobile application. This immediate action is a response to certain supervisory concerns regarding the manner in which customers are being onboarded onto the platform.

RBI’s Directive and Its Implications

The RBI directive, based on its regulatory powers, necessitates the immediate suspension of any new customers joining the ‘bob World’ mobile application. This suspension will remain in effect until the identified deficiencies in the onboarding process are rectified, and the related processes are strengthened to the satisfaction of the RBI.

The central bank has expressed concerns over aspects of the onboarding process that require attention and enhancement, prompting the regulatory intervention. The RBI’s primary goal is to ensure that the bank’s customers are onboarded securely and efficiently, adhering to robust regulatory standards.

Protection of Existing ‘bob World’ Customers

While the suspension impacts new customer onboarding, Bank of Baroda has also been instructed to ensure that existing ‘bob World’ customers do not experience any disruptions as a result of this directive. The bank is expected to take the necessary measures to guarantee a seamless experience for its current users.

Next Steps for Bank of Baroda

In light of this directive, Bank of Baroda must now focus on addressing the identified deficiencies in the onboarding process and strengthening its procedures. It is essential for the bank to collaborate closely with the RBI to rectify the concerns raised, ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements.

The bank’s commitment to addressing these issues and working diligently with the RBI will be closely monitored to determine when new customer onboarding can resume on the ‘bob World’ app.

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