PM Modi has accepted excise policy case ‘fake’, all arrested should be released: Kejriwal

New Delhi, May 24 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted that the excise policy case is “completely fake” and hence everyone arrested in the matter should be released, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed on Friday.

Addressing a press conference virtually, Kejriwal said the BJP has been screaming that there has been a scam in the formulation and the execution of the Delhi Excise Policy for 2021-22.

“They arrested me, Sanjay Singh, Manish Sisodia, conducted more than 500 raids all over the country. I do not know how many more people they arrested,” the chief minister said.

“They say that we took a bribe of Rs 100 crore, and just a few days ago, they said that there is a scam of Rs 1,100 crore. A big question arises that if there is a scam of Rs 100 crore or Rs 1100 crore, then the money must be kept somewhere. They conducted more than 500 raids, they did not find a single penny anywhere. We must have spent (that money) somewhere,” he added.

But the central agencies have not find any account of the expenditure either in all the raids that they conducted, he said.

“With this Rs 100 crores, Rs 1100 crore, some jewellery, land, property must have been purchased. Cash would be found somewhere, bank account was not found anywhere, not a single penny was found anywhere,” he charged.

The chief minister, who is out on interim bail till June 1, said that in an interview, Prime Minister Modi admitted in front of the whole country that the liquor scam is “completely fake”, and no evidence has been found in it. 

“The prime minister has said that no evidence was found because Kejriwal is ‘an experienced thief’,” he claimed. 

Modi had in an interview described Kejriwal as an “experienced thief”, claiming that as an ex-IRS officer he knew how probe agencies work and had tried to cover his tracks in the case.

Kejriwal asked the prime minister whether the ED, CBI officers are useless.

“The truth is that Modiji is making this an excuse that Kejriwal is an experienced thief to justify my wrongful arrest. I appeal to the prime minister that when you have already admitted that the liquor scam is fake and there is no recovery, then release all the people arrested in this case,” he said.

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