Apple and Samsung Achieve Milestone: Ship Over 1 Billion 5G Smartphones, Dominating Global Market

In a significant milestone for the smartphone industry, Apple and Samsung collectively shipped over 1 billion 5G smartphones, surpassing any other brand globally. The revelation comes from a Counterpoint Research report, which highlights the rapid growth of 5G smartphone adoption, with the global cumulative shipments exceeding 2 billion units in Q4 2023.

Dominance in the Global 5G Market

The report indicates that Apple and Samsung, two of the industry giants, played a pivotal role in this achievement by collectively shipping more than 50% of all 5G phones worldwide. Apple’s introduction of 5G-enabled iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12 series, significantly accelerated the adoption of 5G phones in the market. In the last quarter of 2023 alone, over 200 million 5G smartphone units were shipped globally.

Developed Markets and Premium Segments

While developed markets such as the US, Western Europe, and China are reaching saturation points, they contributed to nearly 70% of all 5G phone shipments. The report emphasizes that 5G smartphones, especially those in the premium segment priced above $600, constituted about 80% of total shipments in developed markets. To sustain growth, original equipment makers (OEMs) are now integrating 5G capabilities into mid-range devices.

Future Growth in Emerging Markets

Counterpoint Research anticipates that emerging markets like India and Southeast Asia will become key drivers for the next billion 5G smartphone shipments. In these developing markets, 5G rollout is still underway, and increasing awareness is expected to boost 5G phone adoption. Many OEMs are actively working to introduce more affordable 5G handsets in the Indian market, which is likely to further accelerate the adoption and shipment of 5G phones in the coming years.

The collaborative success of Apple and Samsung in the 5G smartphone market not only underscores their dominance but also reflects the global shift towards embracing the latest mobile technology.

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