Emkay Initiates Coverage on Go Digit General Insurance with ‘Sell’ Rating

Following its lackluster debut in the public market, Go Digit General Insurance finds itself under the scrutiny of brokerage firm Emkay, which has assigned a ‘Sell’ rating to the insurance tech unicorn’s shares. Emkay’s coverage initiation comes with a price target (PT) of “INR 210/ish”, representing a significant 31% downside from the current share price of INR 300.25.

Assessment and Rationale

Emkay’s assessment is primarily rooted in comparative valuations and fundamental analysis. The brokerage highlights Go Digit’s elevated price-earnings ratio (P/E) and price to book (P/B) ratio compared to its listed peers such as ICICI Lombard and Star Health. Despite Go Digit’s growth trajectory, Emkay questions the justification for such valuation premiums, especially considering the company’s relative lack of differentiation and profitability challenges.

Key Factors Driving the ‘Sell’ Rating

Emkay outlines three key factors contributing to its negative stance on Go Digit’s stocks. Firstly, the brokerage notes the absence of a clear competitive advantage or differentiation in Go Digit’s business model. Secondly, it raises concerns about the sustainability of Go Digit’s growth, particularly in light of external factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, Emkay critiques Go Digit’s business focus, emphasizing a perceived lack of investment in building a sustainable brand or distribution network.

Business Analysis and Outlook

Go Digit’s business model, heavily reliant on motor insurance, raises further concerns for Emkay. While the company has witnessed impressive growth in gross written premium (GWP), driven partly by industry dynamics and regulatory changes, Emkay questions the sustainability of this growth trajectory. Moreover, Emkay highlights Go Digit’s limited focus on developing a robust retail franchise, opting instead for intermediary-driven distribution channels.

Market Performance and Implications

The downward trajectory of Go Digit’s shares since listing reflects broader investor sentiment and underscores the challenges facing the company. Despite an initial premium on listing, Go Digit’s stock has faced downward pressure, reinforcing Emkay’s cautious outlook.


Emkay’s ‘Sell’ rating on Go Digit General Insurance underscores the need for investors to exercise caution and consider the fundamental factors driving the company’s valuation. As Go Digit navigates the complexities of the insurance landscape, it faces formidable challenges in balancing growth aspirations with profitability imperatives.

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