Sunday, February 25, 2024

    New Air Connectivity: Fly91 to Introduce Flights from Jalgaon to Pune, Goa, and Hyderabad

    UDAN-5.0 initiative brings expanded air travel options for residents starting February 2024


    Residents of Jalgaon can look forward to enhanced air connectivity as a private airline based in Goa announces plans to launch flights from Jalgaon to Pune, Goa, and Hyderabad. The initiative is part of the UDAN-5.0 program and is scheduled to commence operations in February 2024.

    Officials from Fly91 recently met with Jalgaon district collector Ayush Prasad to discuss the introduction of these new air routes. The airline plans to use a 76-seater ATR aircraft to serve the Jalgaon-Pune, Jalgaon-Goa, and Jalgaon-Hyderabad routes. This development is particularly beneficial for Jalgaon residents, including students, as it offers a convenient and efficient mode of transportation.

    Currently, there are 58 daily bus services operating between Jalgaon and Pune. With the upcoming airline operations, residents can opt for faster and more direct flights to their desired destinations. The airline is in the process of obtaining necessary approvals from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and other relevant authorities to initiate operations in February 2024.

    Jalgaon airport, managed by the Airport Authority of India (AAI), has not been hosting commercial flights recently. A previous attempt to establish flights from Jalgaon to Mumbai and Pune in September 2019 faced technical challenges, leading to the cessation of operations in April 2022.

    Fly91 representatives announced during the meeting that the inaugural flight on the Jalgaon-Pune route is expected to take off in the initial week of February. Subsequently, the Jalgaon-Goa route is set to commence operations by the final week of February, and the Jalgaon-Hyderabad route is anticipated to begin in March.

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