MSEDCL Implements Electricity Tariff Hike, Maharashtra Consumers Brace for 10% Increase in Bills”

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“Concerns Mount as MSEDCL’s Approved Tariff Adjustment Triggers 21.65% Rise in Electricity Bills”

Starting this April, consumers across Maharashtra are in for a jolt as the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) rolls out a tariff hike, resulting in a significant increase in electricity bills. The move, approved by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC), mandates a 7.50% rise in average electricity bills and a 10% increase in fixed rates. However, consumer associations express alarm as the cumulative effect translates to a staggering 21.65% surge in bills.

The approval of MSEDCL’s tariff hike request has sparked concerns among consumer groups, who decry the added financial burden amidst already rising costs of living. Notably, this increase comes on the heels of a 7.25% uptick in electricity bills during the previous fiscal year, compounding the strain on consumers’ budgets.

Effective from April 1, 2024, the tariff adjustment impacts consumers across various categories. For instance, single-phase domestic customers will witness a jump in mandatory charges from ₹116 to ₹128. Similar adjustments apply to commercial customers, public water supply users, agricultural customers, small industrial customers, and even streetlights and government offices/hospitals.

Despite concerns raised by consumer advocates and the timing coinciding with a period of heightened electricity demand due to rising temperatures, MSEDCL officials maintain that the tariff hike is necessary to align with MERC guidelines and cover the increased cost of electricity from the open market. Rajendra Pawar, Chief Engineer of MSEDCL of Pune circle, clarified that the new tariff rates will be reflected in the April bills in compliance with MERC regulations.

Addressing criticisms regarding the timing of the hike amidst the model election code of conduct, a senior official from MSEDCL emphasized that the adjustment follows established procedures set by MERC and is unrelated to any policy decisions.

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