Road Tax Exemption Granted for Pandharpur Yatra Devotees and Pilgrims from 13th June to 3rd July 2023

In a bid to facilitate the smooth journey of devotees and pilgrims participating in the Pandharpur Yatra during the Asadhi Vari, the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) has announced a road tax exemption. From 13th June to 3rd July 2023, devotees and pilgrims traveling to and from Pandharpur in both light and heavy vehicles will be exempted from paying road tax. The Pune RTO has taken proactive measures by establishing a dedicated cell at their office to issue stickers and passes, simplifying the process of availing this exemption. Let’s explore the details of this road tax exemption and the procedure for obtaining the necessary documentation.

Process for Road Tax Exemption: To benefit from the road tax exemption during the Pandharpur Yatra, devotees and pilgrims must acquire a pass. The pass can be obtained by submitting the following essential documents to the case section of the Pune RTO between 9 am and 10 pm:

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate: Devotees need to provide the original vehicle registration certificate as proof of ownership.
  2. Insurance Certificate: A valid insurance certificate must be presented to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  3. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: A recent PUC certificate should be submitted to demonstrate that the vehicle meets the necessary emission standards.
  4. Tax Receipts: Pilgrims must provide proof of payment of vehicle taxes to validate their exemption request.
  5. Driving License: The driver’s valid driving license is required to verify their eligibility for the road tax exemption.
  6. Fitness Certificate: Commercial vehicle owners must furnish a fitness certificate to ensure that their vehicles meet the required safety standards.

Establishment of Dedicated Cell: The Pune RTO has proactively set up a dedicated cell to streamline the process of issuing stickers and passes for the road tax exemption. The purpose of this cell is to cater specifically to the needs of devotees and pilgrims participating in the Pandharpur Yatra. The cell will operate between 9 am and 10 pm, ensuring extended hours to accommodate the expected influx of individuals seeking the exemption. The Pune RTO has issued an appeal, encouraging eligible individuals to utilize this dedicated cell and obtain their stickers and passes promptly.

Benefits for Devotees and Pilgrims: The road tax exemption granted for the Pandharpur Yatra offers significant benefits for devotees and pilgrims traveling to the revered pilgrimage site. By exempting them from paying road tax during this specific period, the Pune RTO aims to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective journey for the participants. This exemption showcases the government’s commitment to supporting religious and spiritual practices while ensuring a positive and fulfilling pilgrimage experience for devotees.

The road tax exemption granted by the Pune RTO for devotees and pilgrims traveling to and from Pandharpur during the Asadhi Vari reflects the administration’s understanding of the importance of religious observances. The establishment of a dedicated cell and the streamlined process for obtaining stickers and passes exemplify the RTO’s dedication to facilitating a seamless journey for the pilgrims. This exemption not only reduces the financial burden on the participants but also contributes to creating a harmonious and auspicious atmosphere during the revered Pandharpur Yatra.

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