Pune Welcomes Young IPS Officer Anmol Mittal as New In-charge of Haveli Police Station

Pune, 19th June 2023: The dynamic and promising young IPS officer, Anmol Mittal, has assumed charge as the new officer in charge of the Haveli police station under the Pune Rural Police. At the age of twenty-five, Mittal has already made significant strides in his career, showcasing his dedication and passion for maintaining law and order.

Inspector Sachin Wangde, the previous in-charge of Haveli police station, has been reassigned to Pune Rural Headquarters, paving the way for Mittal to take charge. The official orders for this appointment were issued by Ankit Goyal, the Superintendent of Police (SP) for Pune Rural.

With his new role, Mittal wasted no time and immediately sprang into action, prioritizing a comprehensive review of the records of known criminals in the area. This proactive approach demonstrates his commitment to tackling crime effectively and maintaining a safe environment for the local community.

Mittal emphasized the importance of taking strict legal action against members of criminal gangs and stressed the significance of preventive measures to address the rising crime rate. He also acknowledged the need for a police station administration that fosters trust and mutual cooperation with the local community.

In addition to his focus on law enforcement, Mittal recognized the challenges of traffic congestion at popular tourist spots in the area. He pledged to implement measures to alleviate this issue, ensuring smoother traffic flow and enhancing the overall experience for residents and visitors alike.

The appointment of a young IPS officer like Anmol Mittal has already caused a stir among illicit businessmen, as they anticipate a more stringent approach to curb their unlawful activities. Mittal’s youth and enthusiasm are regarded as valuable assets in addressing the evolving challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.

The local residents are optimistic about the positive impact of Mittal’s tenure. They eagerly await the implementation of his strategies and initiatives, hoping for a safer and more secure environment under his leadership.

The effectiveness of Anmol Mittal in addressing issues such as the rise of juvenile criminals, instances of harassment, and the dominance of criminal gangs at the Haveli police station will be determined over time. However, his proactive stance and commitment to community engagement provide a strong foundation for achieving tangible results.

As Anmol Mittal assumes his new responsibilities, the city of Pune looks forward to witnessing his dedication, passion, and innovative approach in ensuring the well-being of its residents.

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