Thursday, February 22, 2024

    IMD predicts monsoon likely to hit city in 72 hours


    Mumbai : The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced that Mumbai is expected to receive the much-awaited southwest monsoon in less than 72 hours. The delay in the arrival of the monsoon has been attributed to various factors, including the development of the cyclonic storm Biparjoy, which has disrupted its progress.

    Typically, the monsoon reaches the state of Kerala by June 1st, but this year it arrived slightly later, on June 8th. It had already made its way to Goa and Ratnagiri before encountering obstacles due to the cyclonic storm. Consequently, the monsoon’s advancement from June 11th to 18th has been limited.

    Anupam Kashyapi, the head of the meteorological forecasting division at IMD Pune, explained that the cyclonic storm Biparjoy has caused a depletion in moisture, further delaying the monsoon’s progress. The monsoon had reached Ratnagiri last week, but weak westerly and south-westerly winds have resulted in its stagnation there for about a week. Under normal circumstances, the monsoon would typically take 48 hours or less to travel from Ratnagiri to Mumbai.

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