Pune’s Plea for Peace: Online Petition Targets Noise Pollution During Ganesh Utsav

Pune : Concerned residents of Pune have initiated an online petition to address the escalating noise pollution issues plaguing the city during the ongoing Ganesh festival. The petition’s primary goal is to advocate for stringent guidelines on noise levels and the establishment of designated areas for celebrations. This grassroots movement has gained momentum in response to numerous complaints about the festival exceeding permissible decibel limits, leading to disturbances and adversely impacting the community’s well-being.

The Ganesh festival, a cherished cultural event in Pune, has recently faced scrutiny due to its escalating noise levels. Local residents contend that the constant barrage of noise pollution has become unbearable, significantly affecting their daily lives. Frustration over this situation has prompted a group of concerned citizens to launch an online petition, urging authorities to take immediate corrective measures.

The Supreme Court of India has already established stringent guidelines pertaining to noise pollution. Organizations and groups failing to adhere to these regulations risk having their permissions revoked. The petitioners argue that the true essence of the Ganesh festival, as envisioned by its founder Balgangadhar Tilak, was to promote peaceful celebrations characterized by aarti recitals, rangoli artistry, and drawing competitions.

Additionally, the petition underscores various Hindu teachings and principles that underscore the values of peace, respect, and non-disturbance to the public. These include Shanti (peace), Samman (respect), Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing), Daya (compassion), Kshama (forgiveness), Dhriti (courage), Saucham (cleanliness), and Santosha (contentment).

Over the years, the Ganesh festival has gradually transformed into a high-decibel event, resulting in numerous unfortunate incidents such as deaths, thefts, and harassment. The apparent lack of discipline and non-compliance with established norms has raised serious concerns among Pune’s residents, underscoring the urgency of immediate corrective action.

The online petition, initiated by Charan Bhawnani, invites individuals who have been affected by noise pollution to sign and contribute to raising awareness about this critical issue. The organizers hope that media coverage and public support will help expand the reach of their cause.

Those interested in supporting this petition and addressing the issue of noise pollution during the Ganesh festival can do so by visiting the following link: Online Petition – Ganesh Festival and Decibel Levels: Urgent Call to Address Escalating Noise Pollution

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