Pune Celebrates World Heart Day with Resounding Success at ‘Walk United for Heart’

Pune : Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is delighted to announce the resounding success of the “Walk United for Heart” event, held today in commemoration of World Heart Day. This heartwarming community initiative brought together participants from all walks of life to raise awareness about heart health and foster a commitment to cardiovascular well-being.

Themed “Walk United for Heart,” the event underscored the community’s dedication to prioritizing heart health. Participants embarked on a 3.1-kilometer journey, symbolizing their dedication to a heart-healthy lifestyle. The walkathon route, stretching from Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital to Dange Chowk and back, served as a testament to the unity and determination of the participants.

The event unfolded seamlessly, with participants gathering at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital in the early morning hours. From 6:30 AM to 7:10 AM, registration and the distribution of walkathon T-shirts took place, followed by the official flag-off ceremony at 7:10 AM.

The heart-healthy walk commenced at 7:15 AM, lasting approximately 45 minutes. It was an uplifting experience as participants took strides toward better heart health, accompanied by encouraging cheers from fellow participants and spectators alike.

After the invigorating walk, participants were treated to an exciting Zumba session that infused vibrant rhythm into the event’s conclusion. The combination of a heart-healthy walk and an energetic Zumba session underscored the importance of enjoyable physical activities in maintaining cardiovascular well-being.

The Closing Ceremony at 8:15 AM was a moment of joy and celebration. Participants shared stories of their journey and the positive impact on their heart health.

Rekha Dubey, CEO of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, expressed her enthusiasm for the event’s success, stating, “We are thrilled with the success of ‘Walk United for Heart.’ The enthusiasm and commitment displayed by our community are truly heartwarming. We hope this event serves as a reminder that every step taken toward a healthier heart matters.”

Participants provided positive feedback, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to promote heart health within the community. They left the event with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to maintaining cardiovascular well-being.

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to the triumphant success of “Walk United for Heart.” The hospital remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting heart health within the community and eagerly anticipates future initiatives aimed at creating a heart-healthy society.

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