PMC to Provide Affordable Retina Surgeries at Walse Patil Eye Health Care, Bopodi

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has announced its plans to procure advanced equipment for the Dattatray Walse Patil Eye Care Charitable Hospital in Bopodi, operated by the Vision Next Foundation. The acquisition of these high-tech devices will enable the hospital to offer retina surgery at government rates, filling a crucial gap in eye care services currently unavailable in government or semi-government hospitals. The initiative aims to make this specialized treatment accessible and affordable for the general public. Additional Municipal Commissioner Ravindra Binwade shared this information with the public.

The Walse Patil Hospital, established as a public-private partnership (PPP), has been providing medical services to citizens, including civic officials and employees, for several years. The facility has been dedicated to improving eye care by adopting advanced technologies to address various eye ailments. Recognizing the financial burden faced by patients seeking retina treatment, the PMC has allocated a budget of Rs 2 crore to purchase OCT Angiography and Yellow Laser equipment, along with their accessories. This investment will significantly enhance the hospital’s capabilities in treating retina-related conditions.

Proper treatment for retina ailments often involves expensive procedures, and the bills can amount to lakhs of rupees in private clinics, making them unaffordable for the common citizen. The PMC’s initiative aims to bridge this affordability gap by providing the latest eye treatment facilities at government rates. By purchasing the necessary equipment, the civic body hopes to ensure that citizens can receive quality retina surgeries without the burden of exorbitant expenses. The PMC Health Department will initiate the procurement process through a tender, with the proposal being reviewed by the Standing Committee.

Under the terms of the PPP agreement, the organization managing the Walse Patil hospital is responsible for investing in equipment and meeting other operational requirements. The PMC, therefore, allocates funds to support the organization’s efforts in providing improved facilities. While some concerns have been raised about the profitability of the organization running the hospital, the decision to procure the equipment reflects the PMC’s commitment to expanding access to quality healthcare and reducing the financial strain on patients.

According to Addl Municipal Commissioner Ravindra Binwade, the absence of retina surgery facilities in government or semi-government hospitals has led to financial difficulties for common citizens, who are unable to afford treatment at private healthcare facilities. This latest initiative aims to bridge the gap and provide affordable treatment options for the community. The revised agreement with the foundation operating the Bopodi hospital has facilitated this decision, and the availability of comprehensive eye treatments at the municipal hospital will discourage patients from seeking refunds through various schemes for treatments received at other hospitals, Binwade added.

The PMC’s efforts to enhance the eye care services at Walse Patil Eye Health Care are a step toward improving accessibility and affordability, ensuring that more individuals can receive the necessary treatment for their retina-related conditions without facing significant financial burdens.

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