Enhancing Emergency Care: Sassoon Hospital’s Code-Blue System Saves Lives

Sassoon General Hospital in Pune has taken a significant step in improving emergency medical care by implementing a code-blue system. This system aims to provide swift assistance to individuals experiencing medical emergencies, such as heart attacks. In just a matter of seconds, the Code-Blue team will be alerted and rush to the scene, thanks to a fast-messaging system that has been put in place. Officials estimate that the expert team will reach the patient within 120 seconds, ensuring timely medical intervention. This initiative, set to be operational within the next ten to twelve days, positions Sassoon Hospital as the first government hospital in India to implement such a service.

Sassoon Hospital holds a crucial role in public health service, boasting a bed capacity of 1,296. The hospital provides treatment for a wide range of ailments, including cancer, kidney diseases, heart conditions, tuberculosis, pediatrics, gynecology, and chest disorders, often at subsidized rates or free of charge. Patients from across the state rely on the hospital’s services, with approximately 3,000 individuals seeking treatment in the Outpatient Department (OPD) on a daily basis.

In critical situations, the first ten minutes are vital for a patient’s survival. Prompt medical assistance during this crucial period can make all the difference. To address sudden emergencies within the hospital premises, a code-blue system will be established at Sassoon. This round-the-clock team will consist of 15 professionals, including doctors, anaesthetists, pharmacologists (MD medicine), nurses, and ward boys. Gaurav Mahapure, associated with Sassoon Hospital, will serve as the Code-Blue Team Coordinator.

Dr. Sanjeev Thakur, the Medical Superintendent of Sassoon General Hospital, highlighted that the code-blue team members have undergone comprehensive training to effectively handle emergency situations and provide appropriate treatment to patients. They are equipped with the necessary skills, from administering CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) during cardiac arrests to managing various critical scenarios. This deployment of a dedicated team at Sassoon Hospital marks a significant milestone, being the first of its kind in a government hospital in India.

Regular updates on CPR guidelines from the American Heart Association will be shared with all medical staff at Sassoon Hospital, ensuring that they are up to date with improved techniques. The hospital currently employs over two thousand medical professionals and staff members across various departments, all committed to providing quality healthcare services.

The implementation of the code-blue system at Sassoon Hospital represents a commendable effort to enhance emergency response and save lives. By ensuring quick and efficient medical assistance during critical moments, this initiative holds the potential to make a significant impact on patient outcomes.

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