Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Undertakes Pre-Monsoon Cleaning of Drainage System

Pune, June 15, 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is actively involved in pre-monsoon preparations to ensure the efficient functioning of the city’s drainage system. These preparations encompass a range of activities, including thorough cleaning of drains, widening and deepening of channels, clearing rainwater lines and chambers, and addressing necessary repairs.

Under the dedicated efforts of the PMC, all 95 critical points in the drainage network have been successfully cleaned and made ready for the monsoon season. Impressively, a 100% cleaning achievement has been attained with regards to 382 culverts out of a total of 382. Furthermore, a significant length of 165 km of drains has been meticulously cleaned, desilted, and appropriately deepened in specific areas.

Proactive measures have been taken to prevent waterlogging on Pune roads during the forthcoming monsoon season. As part of this initiative, 48,000 chambers have been removed from existing structures, ensuring smooth water flow. Additionally, a comprehensive cleaning of 184 km of monsoon lines has been completed. To enhance water drainage efficiency, new rainwater chambers are being constructed alongside footpaths and interconnected with the drainage system. All critical areas, culverts, drains, and stormwater chambers and pipes have been meticulously cleaned and maintained to meet the necessary standards.

This extensive cleaning operation will continue throughout the monsoon season. In anticipation of any emergencies, a dedicated disaster management room has been set up at the PMC building. Citizens can register complaints 24/7 via WhatsApp using the provided phone numbers: 1) 9689930531 and 2) 9689935462. Furthermore, junior and branch engineers have been assigned to address complaints received during the night, ensuring prompt resolutions within the disaster management framework. Disaster management cells have been established at each ward office, and emergency workers have been assigned night duties to ensure round-the-clock response and support.

The PMC’s proactive approach and meticulous cleaning efforts ahead of the monsoon season demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the city’s drainage system functions optimally. By taking these proactive measures, the PMC aims to mitigate potential waterlogging issues and ensure the safety and convenience of Pune’s residents during the monsoon season.

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