Pune Division Sets New Standard with Same-Day Finalization of E-Auction Parking Contracts for Shivajinagar, Chinchwad, and Kedgaon

Pune Division, a prominent division of the Indian Railways, has set a new standard in the realm of tendering processes by successfully finalizing parking contracts through an innovative same-day E-auction system. The implementation of this online platform has revolutionized the way contracts and tenders are awarded, significantly reducing the time required for tender finalization. This pioneering approach has not only streamlined the process but also resulted in substantial revenue gains for the Indian Railways.

The E-auction process allows interested contractors to participate in open bidding for various earning contracts using a user-friendly online platform. Bidders are provided with a specific window of time, typically ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, to place their bids. After the bidding period concludes, the tender is immediately awarded to the highest bidder through the online system. This swift process ensures that the successful highest bidder receives a letter of allocation on the very same day, marking a significant milestone in the tendering process.

The traditional manual and E-tendering systems often took a prolonged period of 30-45 days for tender finalization. However, with the introduction of the E-auction system, Pune Division has successfully reduced the turnaround time, ensuring that tenders are finalized within a single day. This remarkable achievement has not only saved valuable time for contractors but has also bolstered revenue earnings for the Indian Railways.

On June 21, 2023, Pune Division conducted an E-auction for five parking contracts, all of which were finalized on the same day. This outstanding feat exemplifies the efficiency and effectiveness of the E-auction system in expediting the tendering process. These parking contracts hold great potential for generating substantial revenue for the Indian Railways.

Let us delve into the details of the five parking contracts and the bids received:

  1. Kedgaon Parking: The highest bid for the Kedgaon Parking contract amounted to Rs. 4.51 lakhs per annum, surpassing the railway’s reserve price by an impressive 66.18%. Over the course of three years, the Indian Railways is estimated to earn a total of Rs. 13.53 lakhs from this contract.
  2. Chinchwad Parking: The highest bid received for the Chinchwad Parking contract was Rs. 14.51 lakhs per annum, marking a significant increase of 30.75% over the railway’s reserve price. Over a period of three years, the Indian Railways expects to earn a total of Rs. 43.53 lakhs from this contract.
  3. Sangli Parking: The highest bid for the Sangli Parking contract amounted to Rs. 2.11 lakhs per annum, surpassing the railway’s reserve price by 35.84%. The Indian Railways anticipates earning a total of Rs. 6.33 lakhs from this contract over the next three years.
  4. Shivajinagar Parking: A bid of Rs. 11.11 lakhs per annum, which is 9.88% higher than the railway’s reserve price, was received for the Shivajinagar Parking contract. Over the next three years, the railways project a total earning of Rs. 33.33 lakhs from this contract.
  5. Kolhapur Parking: The highest bid for the Kolhapur Parking contract amounted to Rs. 10.66 lakhs per annum, showcasing an impressive increase of 90.79% over the railway’s reserve price. The Indian Railways aims to generate revenue of Rs. 32 lakhs from this contract during the three-year period.

The successful implementation of the same-day E-auction system for parking contracts in Pune Division sets a commendable precedent for other divisions within the Indian Railways. The use of this advanced platform not only expedites the tendering process but also ensures transparency and fairness, ultimately benefiting both the contractors and the Indian Railways. With streamlined tender finalization and increased revenue generation, the Indian Railways continues to spearhead innovative approaches in the realm of contract allocation.

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