Empowering Homes: A Comprehensive Guide to Avail Free Electricity Through PM Surya Ghar Yojana

In a significant stride towards sustainable progress and harnessing solar energy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana’ on February 14, 2024. The initiative aims to illuminate one crore households by providing up to 300 units of free electricity per month, requiring an investment exceeding Rs 75,000 crore. This scheme encourages citizens to contribute to the environment by installing solar panels on their rooftops.

The announcement of the PM Surya Ghar Yojana was initially made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during the Interim Budget 2024-25. Prime Minister Modi, sharing the details on social media, expressed, “In order to further sustainable development and people’s wellbeing, we are launching the PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana. This project, with an investment of over Rs 75,000 crore, aims to light up 1 crore households by providing up to 300 units of free electricity every month.”

The scheme highlights significant subsidies that will directly benefit the beneficiaries, with funds transferred directly to their bank accounts. PM Modi assured that the Central Government would take measures, from substantial subsidies to highly concessional bank loans, to ensure no financial burden on the citizens.

As part of the integration process, all stakeholders will be connected through a National Online Portal, streamlining the application and approval process.

How to Apply for PM Surya Ghar Yojana: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Registration

  • Visit https://pmsuryaghar.gov.in
  • Provide details such as State, Electricity Distribution Company, Electricity Consumer Number, Mobile Number, and Email.

Step 2: Login and Application

  • Login with your consumer number and mobile number.
  • Apply for rooftop solar using the available form.

Step 3: Feasibility Approval

  • Wait for feasibility approval.
  • Get the solar plant installation done by any registered vendors in your DISCOM.

Step 4: Net Meter Application

  • After installation completion, fill in the plant details.
  • Apply for a net meter.

Step 5: Commissioning

  • Produce a commissioning certificate from the portal after installing the net meter.

Step 6: Subsidy Disbursement

  • After receiving the commissioning report, provide bank account details and a cancelled cheque via the portal.
  • Receive the subsidy in your bank account within 30 days.

This step-by-step guide ensures a seamless process for individuals to apply and benefit from the PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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