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    Navigating the Maze: A Guide on How to Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription Across Platforms

    Discover the step-by-step process to opt-out of the Fortnite Crew subscription on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


    In the vast gaming universe, Fortnite stands out with its unique subscription service, Fortnite Crew. While it offers enticing benefits, there may come a time when players want to cancel their subscription. This article breaks down the cancellation process across different platforms, ensuring that players can easily navigate the steps to bid farewell to the Fortnite Crew subscription.

    Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription on PC:

    1. Navigate to the Epic Games website and log in to your account.
    2. Click on your profile picture, go to the settings page, and select “Subscriptions” on the left sidebar.
    3. Locate the Fortnite Crew Subscription, click the cog wheel icon, and choose the option to cancel.
    4. Confirm the cancellation, and you’re done. You won’t be billed automatically in the upcoming month.

    Cancel Fortnite Crew on Xbox Console:

    1. Visit the Microsoft Account website and log in.
    2. Click on “Services & subscriptions” to view your active subscriptions.
    3. Select “Manage” and choose “Turn off Recurring Billing” to stop automatic charges.
    4. Alternatively, cancel the Crew subscription directly from your Xbox settings under the “Subscription” option.

    Cancel Fortnite Crew on PS5/PS4 Consoles:

    For PS5:

    1. From the PS5 dashboard, click on the settings cogwheel.
    2. Navigate to “Users and Accounts” -> “Payment and Subscription” -> “Game and App Services.”
    3. Find your active Fortnite Crew subscription and select “Turn off Auto-Renewal” to cancel.

    For PS4:

    1. On the PS4 dashboard, click on the settings icon.
    2. Go to “Account Management” -> “Account Information” -> “Services List” to locate your Fortnite Crew subscription.
    3. Click on the subscription, and then select “Turn off Auto-Renew” to cancel.

    By following these platform-specific steps, players can seamlessly cancel their Fortnite Crew subscriptions and avoid automatic billing each month.

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