Planning Your Finances: Bank Holiday Schedule for July 2024

In July 2024, banks across India will observe a total of 12 holidays, impacting regular banking operations. These closures are scheduled to accommodate various national, regional, and cultural festivities. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the upcoming bank holidays to help you plan your financial activities accordingly:

Understanding Bank Holidays

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released an official list of holidays for July 2024, taking into account factors such as state-specific holidays, cultural celebrations, and routine operational considerations. It’s important to note that banks are routinely closed on Sundays and the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, as per regulatory guidelines.

Detailed Breakdown of Bank Holidays in July 2024

  1. July 03, 2024: Banks in Shillong, Meghalaya, will remain closed in observance of BehDienkhlam.
  2. July 06, 2024: Banks in Aizawl will be closed on MHIP Day.
  3. July 07, 2024: Sunday closure – all banks nationwide will be closed.
  4. July 08, 2024: Banks in Imphal will observe closure due to Kang Rathajatra.
  5. July 09, 2024: Banks in Gangtok will be closed for Drukpa Tshe-zi.
  6. July 13, 2024: Second Saturday closure – all banks across the country will remain closed.
  7. July 14, 2024: Sunday closure – weekly bank holiday.
  8. July 16, 2024: Banks in Dehradun will observe closure for Harela.
  9. July 17, 2024: Banks in several states will remain closed on account of Muharram.
  10. July 21, 2024: Sunday closure – nationwide bank holiday.
  11. July 27, 2024: Fourth Saturday closure – all banks will be closed.
  12. July 28, 2024: Sunday closure – last Sunday of July, banks will remain closed.

Operational Continuity

Despite the scheduled closures, essential banking services such as online banking and ATMs will remain fully operational throughout these holidays. Customers can continue to perform transactions, check balances, and conduct other financial activities via mobile banking, internet banking, and ATMs without interruption.

Planning ahead for these scheduled bank closures will ensure that you can manage your financial tasks smoothly during July 2024. Whether it’s paying bills, transferring funds, or checking account statements, utilizing online banking facilities and ATMs will provide uninterrupted access to your banking needs. Stay informed about these holidays to avoid any inconvenience and make the most of alternative banking channels available to you.

By staying informed and utilizing online banking services, you can navigate through these scheduled closures seamlessly, ensuring that your financial transactions are managed efficiently despite the holiday calendar.

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