Vintage Extravaganza: Pune Race Course Transforms as Classic Cars Steal the Show

In a spectacular display of automotive history, Pune’s race course witnessed a dazzling showcase of vintage cars, overshadowing the thundering hooves of galloping horses heading towards the finish line. The event, aptly named “The Car Chronicle,” became a magnet for gearheads and classic car enthusiasts alike.

More than 60 extraordinary vehicles, ranging from the iconic Lamborghini Gallardo and Avantador to the Ferrari 296 GTS and McLaren GT, graced the exhibition. Yohan Poonawalla, a major figure in the automotive industry, proudly exhibited several gems from his collection, including the Morgan F2 Super, Bentley Mark VI, Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, and the timeless 1933 Phantom.

The event, drawing a crowd of over 4,500 throughout the day, was an exclusive affair with VIP access, guarded by barricades. Poonawalla, who recently earned the title of ‘Classic Car Ambassador’ of 2023 and is recognized among the top 100 car collectors globally, expressed his joy at witnessing the preservation of automotive legacy.

Among the showcased vehicles, the Bentley Mark VI, Chassis B-294-EY, stole the spotlight with its illustrious history. Built by Hooper & Co. for the Maharaja of Mysore in 1949, this iconic vehicle, adorned with laminated shields, gold and silver plaques, a coat of arms, and extravagant interior features, earned the endearing nickname ‘The Rhubarb & Custard Car.’

However, some visitors expressed a desire for indoor exhibitions to preserve the vintage vehicles’ sheen, as the open ground contributed to a layer of dust. Regardless, the event provided a unique opportunity to witness the glorious predecessors of today’s luxury cars.

In addition to the vintage marvels, the exhibition showcased the newly launched Rolls Royce Spectre, Rolls Royce’s electric model, aligning with the company’s vision to go fully electric by 2030.

Vishal Razdan, a car enthusiast, summed up the sentiment: “It is a fantastic collection of automobiles. There should be more such events in the city. The Poonawalla family has a significant collection of vintage cars and has been recognized internationally.”

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