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    Dramatic Delight: Pune Welcomes the 10th Swatantra Rang Theatre Festival this December


    Swatantra Theater brings to you India`s most celebrated writer RK Narayan works through the play Malgudi Days. The play consists of a canvas of short stories. The programme is Produced by Yuwaraj Shah, Creative  Director : Dhanashree Heblikar and Directed By Abhijeet Choudhary. 

    The stories smoothly take you away from the hustle and bustle of today`s day into an imaginary city, Malgudi. The innocent, playful, and soulful bonding of Swami and his friends unknowingly will become your friends too.

    Malgudi Days is based on RK`s Swami and Friends and Malgudi Days.

    Stories about the essence of life soaked in integrity with the sweetest of South Indian flavours of Tamil Nadu. Each story has the beauty and brilliance to connect with the writer and the performer. And experience the joy of celebrated Indian Literature. Thinking about the real-life crisis faced by the characters makes you question the reality of life. It’s not just a play but a fun and frolic vacation trip in Malgudi.

    Adaptation and Music by Dhanashree Heblikar

    Cast: Dhanashree Heblikar, Ashwin Sharma, Prem Gowda, Nishant Singh, Aditya Singh,Kushal Sahane, Aarshvi Joshi, Aayushi Upadhayay, Arpita Mukherji, Raj Shekher, Tanisha Joglekar, Asha Shinde, Sumit Tupre, Robin Singh, Tousif Khan, Suvarna misal,  Rajeev Bhardwaj, Shivesh Choudhary, Pravesh sakore, Swati Patil, Sachin K., Shubham …

    16 Dec. 2023 ll 7.30 pm

    SIHAR UTHI THI MAUT YAHAN (Originally its Ithe oshala mrityu) Written by VASANT KANETKAR

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    Swatantra Theatre wins 7 Awards for its play `Sihar Uthi Thi Maut Yahan` at the 61st Maharashtra Rajya Natya Spardha 22-23. While the play wins one of the best plays, bags 2nd in Best Direction, 1st in Set Design 1st in Makeup , 3 Actors wins Best Actors. Play is Produced by Yuwaraj Shah.

    This play about the courage and valour of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji Maharaj who fought till the last breath with Aurangzeb. Vasant Kanetkar has written this play in Marathi ithe oshala mrityu

     After Shivaji Maharaj, his son Sambhaji Maharaj descended the throne. His courage, valor and fearlessness have been a matter of pride for the Maratha dynasty. He thwarted conspiracies against Swarajya, punished the betrayers, gave a tough time to Portuguese, Adilshahi and Kutubshahi trembled by Sambhajis name and all this was done in a short span of 9 years. He was caught by Aurangzeb and inspite of horrifying torcher dod not beg pardon. This made Sambhaji an immortal figure in the hearts of people.

    Breathtaking performances, Fresh Design and Direction will take you to the era and give an experience of the glory of theatre.

    Cast : Dhanashree Heblikar, Prem Gowda, Ashwin Sharma,  Krushan Doshi, Suyash Kukreja, Umed Patil,  Chandan Pawar, Kushal Sahne, Rishikesh Dhaskate, Himsanshu Sharma, Robin Singh, Rahul Kine, Huzaif Khan, Tousif Khan, Sumit Tupre,  Piyush Sahu, Ajay Thorat.

    17 Dec. 2023 ll 3.45 pm


     Hindi Translation DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR

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    Hamida Bai Ki Kothi is a story of times that are the epitome of classic Tawaif tradition in India.

    Hamida Bai who was an accomplished Tawaif whose gayaki was unmatched and unparallel of any during those times got her to the peak. The Kothi received not only name and fame but also a `Rutba` and `Adab` and  stood in the highest regard.

    Times do change, and so did Hamida Bai Ki Kothi. With the advent of Gramophone and Films, the audiences started moving out of the expensive Kothis and preferred the less expensive entertainment in the comfort of their homes. 

    For Hamida Bai recording voice is a sin she never wants to commit because she believes in the originality that the almighty has bestowed upon her. Kothi becomes broken, and Saida the leading singer dancer walks away from the Kothi resulting in the burden of Hamida Bai`s strict ethics. Not a single penny left, her daughter Shabbo who studied and stayed in Hostel and whom she deliberately had kept away from this culture walks in after her mother could not send fees for months. Hamida Bai succumbs to illness. Will Shabbo be able to restore the glory of Hamida Bai Ki Kothi?

    Cast- Dhanashree Heblikar, Tara Mohini, Aarzu gahane, Prem Gowda, Ismail Mulani, Ashwin Sharma,Rushikesh Dhaskate, Chezan Lawyer, Suyash Kukreja, Vedansh Tiwari, Ajay Thorat, Himanshu Sharma

    17 Dec. 2023 ll 7.30 pm


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    More than two decades back, Ajay Shukla`s “Taj Mahal Ka Tender” won its writer both the Sahitya Kala Parishad and the Mohan Rakesh Samman. Since then, the play has seen countless performances all over. Its biting wit throws a powerful punch and remains, despite the passage of years, both relevant and well-loved. The story of the Taj Mahal’s construction, the play begins at the point when Emperor Shah Jahan first decides to build a monument to commemorate his Begum, Mumtaz Mahal. While it uses a contemporary context, one that is stained with corruption, red tapism, and bureaucracy The play explores the construction in the light of these issues. With every delay and every bribe, the play reminds us of our reality, and even as it uses slapstick comedy and situational comedy to elicit laughs, it doesn’t lose its darker context. Play wins in Best 5 Plays and the lead cast Ashwin Sharma was awarded as the Best Actor from the Govt. of Maharashtra in Rajya Natya 2019 for this play.

    Cast :  Ashwin Sharma,  Krushan Doshi, Suyash Kukreja, Rajeev Bhardwaj, Rahul Kine, Huzaif Khan,  Shivesh Choudhary, Santosh, Shubham, Tousif Khan, Sumit Tupre,  Piyush Sahu,  Sachin K., Ajay Thorat, Aarshvi Joshi , Aayushi Upadhyay, Devashree Pawar

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