Thursday, November 30, 2023

    We are one big family on and off screen, says Neetha Shetty on ‘Aangan’ co-stars

    Mumbai, Nov 21 , Actress Neetha Shetty opened up on her bond with her ‘Aangan-Aapno Kaa’ co-stars, calling it a fun ride, adding that they are a truly one big family on and off screen.

    ‘Aangan’ is a heartwarming tale that revolves around a single father and his unbreakable bond with his three daughters. Mahesh Thakur takes on the role of the loving father, Jaidev Sharma, while Ayushi Khurana beautifully portrays the character of the youngest daughter, Pallavi Sharma.

    Adding depth to the storyline is Neetha, stepping into the shoes of Deepika Sharma, the eldest daughter of the Sharma family.

    Neetha delved into the show’s unique theme, and shares her thoughts on how her character resonates with her, and more.

    The promo showcases a very strong bond between the Sharmas. What has been your experience shooting with Mahesh Thakur, Ayushi, and Aditi?

    Neetha said: “Working alongside Mahesh Thakur, Ayushi and Aditi has been a fun ride. I remember the first day we met on set and we just gelled up as if we had known each other for a long time.”

    “With both Aditi and Ayushi, it feels like we are sisters not just in reel life, but also in real life. We have a gala time on the sets. With Mahesh sir, we get to learn a lot as he brings years of experience on the set. We truly are one big family on and off screen,” she shared.

    On how she connects with Deepika’s character, Neetha said: “As an actor, I am a career-oriented woman and connect with Deepika’s drive for success and professional growth. Like her, I also have younger siblings whom I care for while managing my work commitments.”

    The ‘Bairi Piya’ actress said: “What excites me about portraying her is the opportunity to showcase the segment of women who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to both their careers and their families, striking a balance in their diverse roles.”

    Talking about the core message of the show, she said: “It beautifully captures the pure and affectionate bond between a father and his daughters, skilfully portraying the nuances of these relationships.”

    “At its core, the show focuses on the distinctive perspective of Pallavi, the youngest Sharma sister, regarding marriage. By raising the question of why women must relinquish their roles as daughters upon marriage, the show emphasises that Pallavi’s views aren’t wrong; they’re simply unique. From the dynamics among the sisters to the close-knit bond with their father, the show unfolds a heartwarming and relatable narrative,” she added.

    The show will air on Sony SAB soon.




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