Sonal Panwar handles pistol for first time for ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’

Mumbai, Feb 26 – Actress Sonal Panwar, who transforms into an ACP in the upcoming story arc of the sitcom ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, shared that she handled a pistol for the first time, adding that the police uniform brought an extra layer of authority and strength to her on-screen persona.

Sonal’s character, Malaika will be seen in a new avatar as an ACP, having completed her training to become a loyal and incorruptible officer who upholds justice with integrity and unwavering commitment to serve and protect with honour, unlike her father Daroga Happu Singh (played by Yogesh Tripathi).

Talking about the sequence, Sonal said: “I’m confident that this storyline will leave our viewers in splits. Playing the role of an ACP has been a refreshing experience for me, as I’ve always portrayed teenage girl roles. However, my personality is more like Malaika’s in real life, so getting into character as a police officer has been challenging and intriguing. It was my first time handling a pistol, and wearing the police uniform added an extra layer of authority and strength to my on-screen persona.”

Further speaking about the shooting, she said: “Shooting scenes with my on-screen father, Daroga Happu Singh (played by Yogesh Tripathi), was fun. My character fully dominated and overpowered him, which added a delightful twist. I enjoyed it, and the entire crew had a great time with this character upgrade. They even started calling me ‘ACP Madam Ji’ (laughs). I wanted to bring a sense of realism to my character and showcase my outspoken and fearless personality.”

Sonal said this bold portrayal of Malaika conveys a powerful message of women empowerment to her and the audience.

“It demonstrates that women can be bold and beautiful without needing a man to defend them. I hope to play many more characters with such a strong message. Kudos to all the lady officers who do such daring jobs in real life. This experience has allowed me to explore different facets of my acting abilities, and I’m sure people will love my ACP avatar,” she added.

Malaika’s new role leads to challenging times for Happu as his daughter, now his senior, clashes over solving cases. Malaika introduces new rules and regulations in the police station.

‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’ airs on &TV.


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