Sunday, February 25, 2024

    Nehha Pendse is ‘eager to delve into realm of portraying deep and nuanced emotions’


    Mumbai, Nov 25 , Actress Nehha Pendse, who is known for her work in ‘May I come in Madam’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hai’, among others has revealed her eagerness to explore uncharted territories in her acting career.

    Acknowledging that her capabilities in delivering emotions beyond humour have yet to be fully discovered, Nehha expressed a desire to showcase a broader range as an actor.

    She shared: “While I have been fortunate to make people laugh, I think one thing of mine which has not yet been discovered is my capabilities in delivering emotions as an actor other than just comedy.”

    “I am eager to delve into the realm of portraying deep and nuanced emotions. There’s so much more to me as an actor, and I believe there are layers of performances that I can bring to the audience,” she added.

    Known for her versatility, Nehha has captivated audiences with her acting in various projects. However, her statement hints at a forthcoming exploration into more profound and emotive roles, promising a dynamic shift in her on-screen presence.

    She is loved for her role as Madam Sanjana in the sitcom ‘May I come in Madam’, and her chemistry and camaraderie with Sandip Anand and Sapna Sikarwar have got the viewers hooked to the new episodes of the shows.

    ‘May I Come in Madam’ airs on Star Bharat.




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