JioCinema Premium’s Monthly Makeover: What Users Need to Know

In the wake of the Reliance Industries and Walt Disney merger, users of Reliance JioCinema Premium are witnessing changes in subscription plans, introducing monthly pricing with added benefits. Here’s a breakdown of the latest updates, ensuring users stay informed about the modifications in the popular streaming service.

Changes in JioCinema Premium Subscription: Monthly Plans Unveiled

Reliance Jio has restructured its JioCinema Premium subscription, moving away from the previous annual pricing model. The once Rs 999 yearly plan has been replaced with a monthly subscription at Rs 99. This shift in strategy results in a new total of Rs 1,188 for a year, marking a Rs 189 increase from the previous annual plan.

The Transition to Monthly Subscription

Formerly offering only annual subscriptions, JioCinema Premium now exclusively provides a monthly payment option. Users no longer have the choice of an annual subscription, and the monthly alternative, priced at Rs 99, incurs an additional cost of Rs 189 compared to the earlier annual plan.

JioCinema Premium Subscription Benefits Unveiled

Despite the pricing adjustment, the JioCinema Premium subscription, renowned as “Best of Hollywood,” continues to grant users access to premium content from HBO and other networks. The revamped plan supports up to four devices simultaneously and promises top-tier video and audio quality.

Merger Between Reliance Industries and Walt Disney: Impact on JioCinema

The much-anticipated merger of Reliance Industries and Walt Disney has brought about significant developments. Both conglomerates have united their TV content and streaming media assets, forming a joint venture. As a result, the combined content from the merger will now be available on the JioCinema platform. The collaboration aims to establish a leading TV and digital streaming platform for entertainment and sports content in India, featuring iconic media assets across various genres.

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