Jeremy White shared special bonding with Harris Dickinson, Zac Efron during ‘Iron Claw’ shoot

Mumbai, June 13 (IANS) Actor Jeremy Allen White shared a special kind of brotherhood while training with fellow actors Harris Dickinson and Zac Efron for ‘The Iron Claw’.

Talking about the bond he shared with his co-stars, White said, “There were some huge physical aspects to the film. It was something kind of magical that happened with me, Stanley, Harris, and Zac training together. I feel like I stepped away and got the understanding of brotherhood in a way that I haven’t understood before.”

The film follows the story of the tragic lives of the Von-Erich brothers who rise to wrestling royalty and achieve immortal fame before their ultimate downfall.

Talking about playing Kevin Von Erich on screen, Efron said, “It’s the story of a guy who successfully breaks a vicious cycle in his family, rises above, and moves forward with love in his life. He was kind of the backbone for a lot of the other brothers… He was always there. He never really left, and was kind of the glue that held them all together in some ways.”

‘The Iron Claw’ drops on Lionsgate Play on June 14.



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