Gaurav More, Snehil Mehra & Inder Sahani team up for ‘Horror Act’ on ‘Madness Machayenge’

Mumbai, May 25 (IANS) The comedians Gaurav More, Snehil Dixit Mehra, and Inder Sahani have teamed up to present the spooky spectacle ‘Horror Act’ in the upcoming episode of ‘Madness Machayenge – India Ko Hasayenge’.

The episode will see the presence of actor Jimmy Shergill.

The comedians will deliver non-stop fun and high-energy gags, presenting ‘Horror Act’ with a humorous twist.

Gaurav plays the enthusiastic and loving husband, Snehil stars as his wife, and Inder takes on the role of a sneaky caretaker. The couple heads to a hotel to celebrate the wife’s birthday, only to find out that the place is haunted.

As the husband stumbles upon uproarious paranormal activities, the spooky hilarity escalates, making audiences laugh out loud. But the whole haunting charade is a sneaky plan by the wife and the caretaker to enjoy her birthday together, away from the unsuspecting husband.

Impressed by their act, Jimmy said: “Outstanding. Everything from the way you acted, the energy and the way the script was written, is amazing.”

Talking about her act, Snehil shared: “As we transition into the realm of horror, I couldn’t be more excited. Rehearsing for this performance has been quite an adventure, with a few unexpected surprises from Inder and Gaurav, who couldn’t resist playing a prank or two with the special effects.”

“Despite the laughter and occasional fright, there’s an exhilarating thrill in pushing the boundaries, which made this performance extra special. Collaborating with Gaurav and Inder has been an absolute delight; their infectious energy infuses every moment with joy and camaraderie,” added Snehil.

‘Madness Machayenge’ airs on Sony.



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