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    Beyonce’s mom shuts down trolls over backlash to singer’s dramatic makeover


    Los Angeles, Dec 1 , Singer-songwriter Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles has slammed the trolls for accusing her of ‘skin lightening’ Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z also sent a defiant response to haters after the R&B singer faced cruel “skin lightening” accusations after debuting a dramatic makeover.

    This week, online trolls took to social media slamming the superstar’s new look as she debuted a long, platinum blonde wig during the Renaissance concert film premiere on Saturday, reports

    Others claimed the 42-year-old singer was copying Kim Kardashian and bashed her for looking like a “Kim K Cher hybrid” now. As Beyonce faced the cruel accusations, she and Jay-Z took to Instagram sharing a defiant post throwing up peace signs to her haters.

    As per, in the new post following the string of hate, followers took to the comments sharing their love for Queen Bey. One fan commented: “We know Black is Black.. congrats on the movie!!!” And another wrote: “Beyonce we love the platinum on you.You pull off anything. Forget the media, you’re the queen”. And a third added: “Stunning Queen love the platinum blonde hair on you!!!”

    The controversy comes after Beyonce revealed the dramatic new transformation for her concert movie premiere. The mother of three was seen at the silver carpet event wearing a glamorous sparkling silver gown designed by Donatella Versace. As Beyonce faced backlash for the look and accusations that she bleached her skin to achieve a lighter skin appearance, Beyonce’s mum Tina Knowles took great offence to the claims and passionately defended her daughter. The 69-year-old took to Instagram this week sharing a scathing message to Beyonce’s haters, explaining the only reason Beyonce switched up her look was to match the event’s silver theme.

    Tina wrote: “Came across this today and decided to post it after seeing all of the stupid ignorant self, hating racist statements about her, lightening her skin, and wearing platinum hair wanting to be white,” she continued: “She does a film, called the ‘Renaissance’, where the whole theme is silver with silver hair, a silver carpet, and suggested silver attire and you bozos decide that she’s trying to be a white woman and is bleaching her skin?”

    She later added: “Every time she does something that she works her a** off for and is a statement of her work ethic , talent and resilience. Here you sad little haters come out the woodwork. Jealousy and racism , sexism , double standards , you perpetuate those things.”




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