Ardhavatrao and Awadabai’s Dance on ‘Sooseki’ from ‘Pushpa 2’ Takes the Internet by Storm

The puppet duo Ardhavatrao and Awadabai have once again captured the hearts of many, this time with their dance performance on the popular song ‘Sooseki’ from the highly anticipated movie ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’. As the release of the film draws closer, this unexpected and delightful video has become a viral sensation on social media.

A Delightful Surprise from the Padhye Legacy

The video, shared by Satyajit Padhye, son of famous ventriloquists Ramdas and Aparna Padhye, has taken social media by storm. It features Ardhavatrao and Awadabai dancing to a mix of ‘Sooseki’ and ‘Lajran Mekhar Mukdha’. These puppets, originally brought to life by Satyajit’s grandfather, Yashwant Padhye, in 1917, have been iconic figures in Indian entertainment, known for their unique commentary on social, cultural, political, and economic changes over the decades.

From Doordarshan to Digital Stardom

In his social media post, Satyajit Padhye captioned the video, “The well-known doll couple Ramdas Padhye, Ardhavatrao, and Awadabai made a lot of noise on Doordarshan. In the digital age of 2024, they are now appearing on YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.” The nostalgic video showcases the puppets’ impressive dance moves and has quickly gone viral, further intensifying the buzz around ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’.

Anticipation for ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’

The film, featuring stars Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandana, was initially slated for release on August 15, 2024, but has been postponed to December 6, 2024. Despite the delay, the movie’s songs, including ‘Pushpa-Pushpa’ and ‘Sooseki’, have already become hits, dominating music charts. The dance video of Ardhavatrao and Awadabai adds to the excitement, presenting the beloved puppets in a contemporary light.

Netizens React with Enthusiasm

The internet has been abuzz with reactions to the video. Comments from fans have poured in, showcasing their affection for the puppets and their desire for more performances. Some of the notable reactions include:

  • “Tatya Vinchu fan club must dance Tatya”
  • “Bring Tatya Kakaan”
  • “Next video should be Tatya Vinchu”
  • “Where is Tatya Vinchu Ardhavatrao?”
  • “Cool”
  • “How sweet Ardhavatrao dances…”

The Viral Momentum

This viral moment has significantly contributed to the anticipation surrounding ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’. The film’s unique blend of music, star power, and engaging viral content ensures it will be one of the most awaited releases of the year. As fans eagerly share the video and call for more performances, the excitement for the movie continues to build.

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