Microsoft and LinkedIn Collaborate to Offer Free AI Courses for Learning and Implementation

Microsoft, in collaboration with LinkedIn, has launched the AI Skills Initiative, a program aimed at providing individuals and communities worldwide with the knowledge and expertise to effectively utilize artificial intelligence (AI).

The initiative includes the development of new free courses, with a focus on AI-related topics. The first course offered under this initiative is the Professional Certificate on Generative AI, which is available in the online learning market. Microsoft plans to organize a global grant challenge in partnership with, aimed at exploring innovative methods of training workers in generative AI. The company also intends to improve access to free digital learning events and resources to enhance AI proficiency for all.

The decision to launch this initiative is based on the recognition that AI has the potential to revolutionize work processes, particularly in the context of increasing demands for information management and concerns about job security. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index survey revealed that a significant percentage of respondents faced challenges in finding information efficiently and expressed apprehensions about job security. Many respondents also expressed a willingness to delegate tasks to AI systems to alleviate their workloads.

Microsoft has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to offer the first Professional Certificate on Generative AI as part of this initiative. The coursework covers fundamental AI concepts and responsible AI frameworks. Successful completion of the assessment leads to a Career Essentials certificate. The Generative AI Professional Certificate is currently available in English and will be launched in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese, in the coming months. The coursework will be freely accessible until 2025 through the Skills for Jobs program, similar to other Career Essentials Professional Certificates.

Overall, the AI Skills Initiative aims to leverage AI technology to revolutionize skills training and empower individuals to adapt to the changing demands of the digital age. It serves as a platform for individuals and communities to acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise in AI, enabling them to effectively implement and utilize AI in various domains.

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