Inspiring Journey of Determination: Raj Gajanan Damdhar Triumphs Against All Odds in NEET Exam

Inspiring Journey of Determination: Raj Gajanan Damdhar Triumphs Against All Odds in NEET Exam

Pune, 30th June 2023: Raj Gajanan Damdhar’s remarkable journey of determination and resilience has become an inspiration for countless individuals. Overcoming challenging circumstances and coming from a humble background where his father works as a rickshaw driver and his mother is an Anganwadi worker, Raj’s success in the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) stands as a testament to his unwavering spirit and hard work.

Since his childhood, Raj harbored a dream of becoming a doctor. However, being from a lower-middle-class family, he encountered numerous obstacles along the way. Financial constraints were just one aspect of the challenges he faced. Raj also had to overcome language barriers and the lack of a personal mobile phone, which caused him to miss important notifications from his teachers. Undeterred by these setbacks, Raj displayed immense determination and scored an exceptional 607 marks in this year’s NEET exam.

Last year, Raj attempted the NEET exam but fell short of securing admission to a government college for MBBS. However, he refused to let disappointment deter him from pursuing his dreams. This year, Raj made another attempt and worked tirelessly to achieve success. Playing a crucial role in his journey was the Abhang Prabhu Medical Academy (APMA), which provided unwavering support and ensured that Raj received the recognition he deserved.

When Raj decided to give it another shot this year, he discovered APMA. However, due to financial constraints, he was unable to pay the coaching fee. With courage and hope, Raj approached Dr. Abhang Prabhu, the Founder and Director of APMA, who is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Witnessing Raj’s sincerity and determination, Dr. Prabhu proposed a condition for Raj to deposit 50,000 rupees with the academy, with a promise of a refund if he scored above 600 marks in the NEET exam.

Raj embraced the challenge, worked diligently, and proved Dr. Prabhu’s faith in him to be well-placed. With a remarkable score of 607 marks in the NEET exam, Raj surpassed his target. True to his word, Dr. Prabhu decided to return the deposit cheque as agreed upon and also committed to covering Raj’s MBBS fees for all four years.

In a momentous event attended by Raj’s father, Gajanan Damdhar, and mother, Pramila Damdhar, Dr. Prabhu presented the cheque to Raj and his family. The occasion also witnessed the announcement of a scholarship program by Dr. Prabhu. The APMA Academy will offer scholarships to three deserving and hardworking girls pursuing their MBBS education, starting this year.

Dr. Prabhu emphasized that APMA, with its 22 years of experience in providing quality education to aspiring doctors across Mumbai, Sangli, and Pune, aims to support and encourage talented girls from underprivileged backgrounds. He further expressed the commitment of APMA to cover the MBBS fees for the selected scholarship recipients.

Expressing his gratitude, Raj said, “Whatever little I have achieved is solely because of the APMA academy and their belief in me. The entire teaching staff stood by me as a support system. Coming from a Marathi-medium background, I initially faced difficulties in understanding the concepts, but the teaching staff never gave up on me. On this occasion, I want to thank the APMA Academy for their unwavering support, and I will strive to live up to their beliefs. I also pledge to fulfill my social responsibilities as a future doctor.”

Raj’s mother shared her joy, saying, “Raj was a bright student since childhood. He consistently secured the first rank throughout his schooling. I always wanted him to become a doctor. As his parents, we put in a lot of effort. We decided to divide responsibilities in the household, with his father managing family expenses and me overseeing his education. Now, with Raj’s success under the guidance of the APMA academy and especially Prabhu sir, I feel like a dream has come true.”

During the event, the Director of APMA, Professor Sachin Haldwanekar, Director Dr. Himani Tapaswi, Counselor Dr. Sheetal Shreegiri, and Dr. Rajesh Deshpande, among others, were also present.

Dr. Prabhu urged everyone in attendance to bring talented and hard-working students to the APMA Academy, assuring that the academy would sponsor all their educational expenses. Eligible girls can apply for the scholarship until July 30 by contacting the email address [email protected] or the following mobile numbers: 8591502291 and 9822378505.

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