CBSE to Introduce ‘Open Book Exams’ for Classes 9 to 12 in Pilot Program

In a progressive move, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is set to pilot ‘open book exams’ for students in classes 9 to 12. According to sources, CBSE will conduct a pilot program in November-December this year before implementing the innovative examination format nationwide.

The concept of an ‘Open Book Exam’ is embedded in the National Credit Framework (NCrF) and allows students to use approved resources, including textbooks, notes, and other materials, during the examination. Unlike traditional closed-book exams, the questions are designed not only to assess memorization but also to evaluate critical thinking and the practical application of knowledge.

The Board aims to introduce this pilot run for English, Mathematics, and Science in classes 9 and 10, and for English, Mathematics, and Biology in classes 11 and 12. This initiative seeks to gauge the time taken by students to complete such tests and assess the response from stakeholders.

As part of the broader recommendations, students may also receive credit for their understanding of various aspects of the Indian Knowledge System (IKS), such as Vedas and Puranas. The final report on the NCrf, released by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on April 11, 2023, outlines these proposals aimed at fostering a holistic and inclusive learning environment.

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