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    365 Days of Education: SPPU Student’s PhD Unveils the Perpetual School Model

    In a remarkable academic feat, Archana Adsule, a student of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), has earned her Ph.D. by completing a groundbreaking thesis on the Kardelwadi Zilla Parishad School. What sets this nondescript school apart is its unparalleled commitment to operating 365 days a year since 2001, making it a unique subject of study.

    Adsule’s thesis, titled ‘Kardelwadi Zilla Parishad School: A Study,’ was recently recognized and awarded by the SPPU education department. Under the guidance of Professor Atul Kulkarni, Adsule delved into the exceptional nature of this school’s continuous operation and its impact on the local community.

    The Perpetual School: A Pioneering Case Study

    The Kardelwadi Zilla Parishad School, situated in the Kardelwadi village of Shirur taluka, Pune district, has Classes 1 to 4 and only two teachers, namely the principal D R Sakat and his wife Bebinanda. What makes this school stand out is its continuous operation for 365 days a year since 2001, defying the norm set by the Right to Education (RTE) Act, which mandates schools to remain open for 220 days annually.

    Adsule’s research not only highlights the exceptional dedication of the Kardelwadi school but also aims to shed light on how it has been accomplished. She explained, “The research has been carried out with the aim of bringing to the world information about how this is being done, how the village is enlightened by teaching children, how it is possible to elevate an ordinary school to an international level, and so on.”

    Educational Transformation and Community Engagement

    Adsule’s study goes beyond the statistical analysis, delving into the transformation that occurred within the school and the community. By fostering an environment where students were not afraid of education, the school succeeded in cultivating talents, maintaining educational quality, and increasing parental involvement. The village responded positively, with heightened participation and support from the community.

    Adsule’s comparative study covers the period before the school became a perennial establishment (1980 to 2000) and the years from 2001 to 2020. The research showcases the significant improvements in facilities, student and parental participation, and overall educational outcomes once the school adopted its continuous operation model.

    Conclusion and Recommendations

    Archana Adsule’s Ph.D. thesis not only fills a notable gap in academic research but also provides valuable insights into the potential transformation of an ordinary school into an exemplary institution. Her conclusions and recommendations offer guidance for educators and policymakers seeking innovative approaches to enhance the quality of education and community engagement.

    In recognition of her pioneering research, Adsule was awarded her Ph.D. this month, marking a significant milestone in academic exploration and a testament to the impact of a dedicated and continuously operational Zilla Parishad school.

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