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    PCDA (Army) Pune Honors the Visionary Legacy of Jyotiba Phule on His Death Anniversary

    Dr. Rajeev Chavan, IDAS, ndc, Explores Phule's Transformative Journey and Everlasting Impact on Social Reform


    PCDA (Army) Pune paid a heartfelt tribute to the trailblazing social reformer Krantiveer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule on his death anniversary, November 28, 2023. The event, graced by Chief Guest Dr. Rajeev Chavan, IDAS, ndc, witnessed a reflective discourse on Phule’s vision of equality, social reform, and his indelible contributions to education and empowerment.

    Dr. Chavan delved into Jyotiba Phule’s early life, emphasizing his family’s resilience in the face of societal challenges. From a farmer’s son to a staunch advocate for social justice, Jyotiba Phule’s transformative journey was highlighted, with special attention to the pivotal moment in 1848 that fueled his commitment to challenging the caste system.

    The discourse further explored Phule’s visionary efforts in women’s education, illustrated by the establishment of the first girls’ school in 1851. Dr. Chavan underscored Phule’s role as an ardent social reformer who translated his words into action, establishing an ashram and orphanage in 1854 in response to the plight of widows.

    The Chief Guest emphasized Phule’s tireless crusade against caste discrimination, condemning orthodox Brahmins, and championing the cause of peasants and the proletariat to defy social restrictions. The formation of the Satya Shodak Samaj in 1873 marked a systematic deconstruction of existing beliefs, promoting equality and emancipation.

    Dr. Chavan acknowledged Phule’s enduring legacy, influencing stalwarts like Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi. He highlighted Phule’s literary contributions, including impactful works like Ghulamgiri and Shetkaryaka Asud, and stressed the ongoing relevance of his teachings in the fight against caste-based discrimination.

    Reflecting on Phule’s societal impact, the Chief Guest noted memorials and institutions across the country, including 18 schools in Pune alone, dedicated to Phule’s memory. The event concluded with a poignant reflection on Jyotirao Phule’s multifaceted contributions as a social activist, reformer, businessman, and Commissioner of the Poona Municipality.

    As attendees collectively paid tribute to Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, the event underscored the unity in honoring his legacy, reminding all of the continued commitment to social reform and equality in our collective journey.

    Neha Raj
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