Vastu Shastra Guide: Wall Paintings That Invite Good Luck and Harmony

Placing artwork and paintings is a great way to spruce up the blank walls of your home. According to Vastu Shastra, certain paintings are considered auspicious and can ward off negative energies and Vastu doshas. Here is a list of lucky Vastu paintings you can hang in your home or office to invite abundant positive energies and good luck.

9 Vastu Wall Paintings to Attract Good Luck

1. Lucky 7 Horses Painting

Vastu Shastra describes a horse as an auspicious symbol of strength, success, peace, and progress. Placing a painting of running horses is believed to invite good fortune.

  • Direction: Hang the lucky 7 horse painting on the south wall of your living room or office space. The east or north direction is also suitable for this painting.

2. Buddha Paintings

Buddha paintings attract calm and positive energies into the home. These paintings are popular in both homes and workplaces for inviting fortune and good luck. According to Vastu Shastra, a painting of Buddha in a meditative pose ensures peace and prosperity.

  • Direction: Place Buddha paintings on the east, north, or northeast walls. Avoid hanging them on ground-level areas such as a basement.

3. Paintings of Nature

Wall paintings that evoke positive emotions and invite prosperity are recommended by Vastu Shastra. Consider beautiful pictures of a sunrise, nature scenes, lush forests, or a group of birds. Such paintings stimulate growth and development while attracting good luck.

  • Direction: Place paintings of nature and greenery in the east direction.

4. Flowing Water Paintings

Water is a crucial element of nature, essential for life. Flowing water in paintings depicts the flow of wealth. Decorating your walls with a painting of a waterfall or a flowing river ensures the smooth flow of finances and invites abundant luck. Avoid paintings of stagnant water as they can represent a lack of financial growth.

  • Direction: The northeast direction is ideal for placing these paintings, as it is associated with the water element.

5. Mountain Paintings

Mountain paintings are considered lucky, particularly for students and working professionals. These paintings can be placed in the study room, bedroom, or living room.

  • Direction: Place paintings of rocky mountains in the south or southwest direction to enhance the earth element in this region.

6. Floral Paintings

Paintings of multicolored flowers in a vase or garden not only look pleasing but also invite positive energy and good luck. Floral artwork is an excellent way to decorate your living room walls and create a lively ambiance.

  • Direction: The north, east, or northeast directions are suitable for flower paintings.

7. Peacock Paintings

Peacocks symbolize strength, speed, vitality, and success. According to Vastu, peacocks can neutralize the ill effects of Planet Rahu. A painting depicting a pair or group of peacocks promotes harmony in the house. The vivid colors of peacocks can instantly uplift the mood and enhance home décor.

  • Direction: Place the peacock painting in the south direction to ensure the flow of money.

8. Painting of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is known as the god of good beginnings and the remover of obstacles. Placing an idol or painting of Lord Ganesha at the house entrance is believed to bring peace, remove negativity, and attract fortune.

  • Direction: The northeast is an ideal direction for placing Lord Ganesha paintings.

9. Painting of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is associated with knowledge and wisdom. A painting of the goddess can be placed near the house entrance or in the study room to attract good luck, knowledge, and success.

  • Direction: The ideal direction to place the Saraswati painting is the east.


What pictures should be hung on the south wall?

  • The south direction denotes fame and recognition. According to Vastu, family photographs should be placed in the south or southeast direction, which emanates strong energy associated with reputation and success.

Which wall is best for placing family photos?

  • Family photos can be placed on the east, north, and west walls of the house.

Which direction is best for placing children’s photographs?

  • The east and north directions are ideal for placing children’s photographs, according to Vastu.

By carefully selecting and positioning Vastu wall paintings, you can enhance the positive energies in your home and invite good luck and prosperity.

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