Quick Police Action: Three Minors Taken into Custody After Firing Incident in Pune

In a swift response to a firing incident near Jai Bhavain Nagar in Pune, the police have successfully apprehended three minors in connection with the crime. The shooting occurred at a youth named Suraj Tatyaba Langar (21), leaving him injured. Within 24 hours of the incident, the culprits were arrested, and two country-made pistols were seized from their possession. This article provides details of the incident and highlights the efficient police operation that led to their detention.

Details of the Incident:

The firing incident took place on a Saturday afternoon, within the jurisdiction of the Warje Malwadi Police Station. Suraj Tatyaba Langar, a resident of Malwadi near Jai Bhavani Nagar Chowk, was shot and sustained injuries. The police launched a search operation to apprehend the individuals responsible for the crime.

Following a tip-off received by policemen Pradeep Shelar and Bunty More on Sunday, the whereabouts of the shooters were revealed. The information suggested that the trio had fled towards Chandani Chowk on a red-black motorcycle, with their faces concealed using handkerchiefs. Acting swiftly, a team comprising PSI Narendra Mundhe, PSI Rameshwar Parve, and other investigators formed various teams, including Pradeep Shelar, Amol Raut, Hanmant Masal, Bunty More, Shrikant Bhangre, and Vicky Khilari. They strategically positioned themselves along the road leading to Chandani Chowk to apprehend the culprits.

The team spotted the three individuals on the motorcycle, with their faces still covered. Two of them were found in possession of country-made pistols, which were promptly confiscated. The suspects were detained without further incident.

Efficient Police Operation:

The successful arrest and recovery of firearms were made possible due to the coordinated efforts of the police team. Under the guidance of CP Retesh Kumaarr, Joint CP Sandeep Karnik, Addl CP Pravinkarmar Patil, and the supervision of DCP Suhail Sharma and ACP Bhimrao Tele, the police officers, including PSI Narendra Mundhe, PSI Rameshwar Parve, PSI Pradeep Shelar, and other dedicated personnel, executed the operation diligently.

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