Pune Police Identify 18 Crime ‘Hotspots’ for Targeted Crackdown

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Efforts Underway to Curb Rising Street Crime and Enhance Public Safety in Pune

In a proactive measure to combat street crime and reinforce security measures, the Pune Police have identified 18 notorious ‘hotspots’ notorious for criminal activities across the city.

Shailesh Balkawade, Additional Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, revealed plans for a coordinated crackdown involving the collaboration of local police stations and the crime branch to address criminal elements in these areas.

The initiative forms part of a comprehensive strategy devised by the police to address the surge in street crimes. Extensive analysis of criminal incidents and offender residency patterns has led to the pinpointing of these 18 hotspots by the crime branch. These areas have been flagged for various offenses including illegal weapon possession, drug trafficking, juvenile delinquency, vehicle theft, vandalism, snatching, and robberies.

Special attention will be devoted to habitual offenders as part of the intensified crackdown. Unlike previous city-wide operations, the police will target individual hotspots notorious for criminal activities. A joint combing operation involving units from both the Crime Branch and local police will be initiated to root out criminals and prevent their escape.

Additional Commissioner Balkawade highlighted the local residency of many perpetrators involved in theft cases, emphasizing meticulous planning to execute the operation effectively and apprehend offenders.

Of particular concern is the increasing involvement of minors in criminal activities. The police have devised a detailed roadmap to address such crimes and restore community safety.

“We are dedicated to fostering public trust in law enforcement,” commented Additional Commissioner Balkawade, underscoring the significance of community collaboration in crime prevention.

The identified crime hotspots have been categorized by Zone, with resources strategically allocated to target high-crime areas effectively.

As the joint operation prepares to launch, residents and businesses in the identified hotspots can expect heightened police presence and vigilance aimed at deterring criminal activity and ensuring community safety.

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