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    Examining Recent Disturbing Incidents in Pune: Ensuring Safety and Security in the Education Hub


    PUNE: A series of disturbing incidents in Pune over the past few months have raised concerns about the city’s safety and its reputation as an education hub. While it may be unfair to label Pune as a crime capital solely based on these incidents, they have certainly shocked the state of Maharashtra. Instances of rape, murders stemming from soured relationships, vehicle vandalism, and involvement of minors in drug trafficking have left many wondering about the state of affairs in Pune.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the incidents that have taken place in Pune:

    The Sickle Gang: A gang of criminals went on a rampage, vandalizing around 50 vehicles across different areas of the city, including Sahakar Nagar and Warje Malwadi, over three consecutive days.

    Darshana Pawar Murder Case: A disturbing case of murder unfolded when Darshana Pawar, a rank holder in the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) examination, was killed. Her body was found at the foothills of Rajgad fort, causing a wave of shock and concern. The accused in the case has been identified as Rahul Handore.

    Senior Citizen Suicide: An argument over the volume of a speaker at an engagement ceremony took a tragic turn, leading to the death of a senior citizen. Insulted by the incident, the senior citizen, identified as Dnyaneshwar Salunkhe (70), jumped into the river from the Bund Garden bridge and died by suicide. Five people have been arrested in connection with this case.

    Involvement of Minors in Drug Trade: Disturbing reports have surfaced regarding minors selling drugs in the city. These minors are driven by the desire to fulfill their materialistic desires. In recent months, the police have seized drugs worth ₹7 crore in various operations.

    Wife and Daughter’s Lover Conspire to Kill Husband: A shocking incident came to light when a woman conspired with her daughter’s lover to murder her husband. The deceased, Joy Lobo, was identified as the victim, and Pune Rural police have arrested his wife, Sandra Lobo, and her daughter’s lover, Agnel Kasbe, in connection with the crime. The incident occurred in Shikrapur, Pune district.

    Youth Subjected to Humiliation: In a dispute over dowry, a 21-year-old youth was assaulted, abused, and forced to engage in a shameful act. The incident occurred in Kati village, Indapur taluka, where the youth was coerced into drinking urine and consuming human faeces. An FIR has been registered against 11 individuals at the Indapur police station, and the incident has sparked outrage across the state.

    Threats to Politicians: Over the past few days, politicians, including BJP MLA Mahesh Landge, Congress corporator Avinash Bagwe, and MNS corporator Vasant More, have been receiving threatening calls and facing extortion demands. It was later revealed that all the threatening calls were made by a single individual who sought revenge after being rejected by a girl. The youth was initially arrested for threatening Vasant More but continued to target politicians even after being released on bail. He has since been arrested again.

    These incidents have raised concerns about the safety and security of residents in Pune. While it is important to avoid generalizations, it is crucial for authorities to address these issues promptly and implement measures to ensure the safety of citizens, especially women and vulnerable individuals. Pune, as an education hub and a thriving city, needs to maintain its reputation as a safe and secure place for residents and visitors alike.



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