Verses of Valor”: National Level Poetry Competition Culminates in Pune

In a poetic ode to valor and patriotism, Vice Admiral Ajay Kochhar, AVSM, NM, Commandant of the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune, unveiled a poetry anthology titled “SOLDIER AND WAR POEM: BEST OF NATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION” on February 28, 2024. This collection, a testament to literary prowess and national pride, emerged from the National Level Poetry Competition organized as part of the 75th Golden Year Celebrations (GYC) by the esteemed academy.

The competition served as a platform to pay homage to the historical achievements of the National Defence Academy and its distinguished alumni, rekindling nostalgic memories, creating awareness, and acting as an inspiration for future generations set to graduate from the revered institution.

The anthology, carefully curated by Dr. Pragya Bajpai, comprises 170 poems and 15 paintings, each intricately selected from the myriad entries received during the competition. Vice Admiral Ajay Kochhar expressed his admiration for the talent showcased in the competition, emphasizing the importance of preserving these literary gems for posterity.

The anthology not only captures the essence of the National Defence Academy’s legacy but also serves as a symbol of collective artistic expression, celebrating the spirit of the armed forces and their indomitable courage. The release of the anthology marks a poignant moment in the literary and cultural tapestry of the academy.

As a gesture towards wider accessibility, the soft copy version of the anthology will soon be made available in PDF format on the official website of the National Defence Academy, allowing readers to delve into the verses that resonate with the ethos of sacrifice, honor, and national pride.

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