Tragic Collision on Mumbai-Pune Expressway Claims Two Lives, Leaves Five Injured

Pune-Mumbai Expressway

In a heartbreaking incident on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, a car en route from Mumbai to Pune met with a tragic accident on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The collision occurred around 6:00 AM near Ojarde village, involving a car and a cargo container, resulting in the loss of two lives and severe injuries to five passengers.

The victims identified as Sunil Shripati Thorat (55) and Madhuri Sonawane (30) were occupants of the front seat and tragically lost their lives on the spot. The remaining five passengers, identified as Shradha Sunil Thorat, Akshay Sunil Thorat, Tejal Akshay Thorat, and Dattatra Thorat, sustained severe injuries and were promptly rushed to Pawana Hospital at Somnate Phata.

The collision unfolded as the driver of the car lost control while traveling at high speed, ultimately crashing into a cargo container positioned in front of it. The impact of the accident resulted in the devastating loss of two lives and left the other occupants critically injured.

Local authorities, including Police Sub-Inspector SD Mukashi, have urged commuters to adhere to speed limits, emphasizing the risks associated with overspeeding that may lead to loss of control and mishaps. Additionally, Mukashi stressed the importance of wearing seat belts for those driving cars and helmets for two-wheeler riders. These precautionary measures, if followed diligently, can significantly reduce the severity of injuries in case of accidents.

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