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    Traffic Woes in Pune: 62% of Roads Narrower Than 9 Meters Unveils ‘X’ App Campaign

    Pune Faces Infrastructure Challenges, Traffic Violations, and Safety Concerns According to Recent Traffic Improvement Drive


    Pune, a city known for its vibrant culture, is grappling with a significant traffic challenge, as 62% of its roads have been identified as narrower than 9 meters, according to a recent traffic improvement campaign conducted through the ‘X’ app. The campaign shed light on infrastructure deficiencies, the absence of separate service roads, and inadequate drainage systems as major contributors to the city’s traffic woes. Various traffic violations, including signal breaking, wrong-way driving, lane cutting, and illegal parking, were also revealed, causing considerable inconvenience to the public.

    The Pune Platform for Collaboration Response (PPCR) played a pivotal role in collecting data on traffic issues, improvements, and citizen suggestions through the ‘X’ app. Ninety-four significant posts were submitted, detailing findings, proposed solutions, and major concerns. A comprehensive report was submitted to PPCR, leading to a meeting with Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Kumar Magar from the Pune Traffic Branch. Magar assured that the police would address the diverse topics raised during the meeting to alleviate the city’s traffic challenges.

    The report highlighted the need for signal system improvement at 375 major intersections in Pune, recommending enhanced traffic police regulation. Despite the deployment of 600 traffic police officers at these intersections, a staggering Rs. 250 crore in fines for traffic violations over the last three years remains unpaid. The report also emphasized that two-wheeler riders are the primary offenders of traffic violations.

    Fatal accidents in Pune primarily affect cyclists and pedestrians, constituting 92% of victims. The report stressed the urgency for stricter rules for two-wheeler riders, particularly those driving on the wrong side and footpaths. It proposed prosecuting offenses directly in court and launching effective civic awareness campaigns.

    Expressing concern over citizens’ lack of fear of the police, Sudhir Mehta, Former President of Maratha Chamber Of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture, called for strict law enforcement. The PPCR and Traffic Police aim to collaborate on traffic improvement initiatives by analyzing data, identifying traffic patterns, and targeting hotspots for violations. The PPCR has presented measures and demands before the traffic police, indicating their readiness to work collaboratively on traffic improvement.

    DCP (Traffic) Vijayakumar Magar affirmed the police’s commitment to working with PPCR to devise necessary solutions and address the city’s traffic challenges effectively.

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