Traffic Jam Alert: Handcarts and Flex Displays Worsen Congestion on Mumbai-Pune Highway

Lonavala, 30th June 2023: Traffic congestion on the old Mumbai-Pune highway has reached alarming levels due to ongoing road digging and metro construction. In addition to these infrastructure activities, the presence of handcarts and flex displays along the highway has further worsened the situation, leading authorities to issue an alert urging their immediate removal.

Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Karthik Satyasai has taken a firm stance on the matter, warning shopkeepers and handcart owners of enforcement action if they fail to comply with the directive.

The heavy rainfall in the region has exacerbated the traffic congestion on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. SDPO Karthik Satyasai emphasized the urgent need to address the situation, stating, “To alleviate the traffic jam, I hereby instruct all shopkeepers located along the road to promptly remove their flex boards, banners, and shop accessories from the roadside and relocate them inside their respective shops. These items are causing significant disruptions to the flow of traffic.”

Failure to comply with the instructions may result in enforcement action under Section 102 of the Maharashtra Police Act. SDPO Karthik urged handcart drivers not to park their handcarts and belongings on the road, as it further adds to the congestion.

The authorities understand the importance of keeping the highways clear and accessible for smooth traffic movement, especially during peak hours. By removing handcarts and flex displays from the roadside, they aim to ease the traffic congestion and ensure the safety and convenience of commuters.

It is crucial for shopkeepers and handcart owners to cooperate and promptly comply with the directive. Their responsible actions will contribute to a more efficient traffic flow and reduce the inconvenience caused to commuters traveling along the Mumbai-Pune highway.

The authorities will continue to monitor the situation and take necessary action to enforce the removal of handcarts and flex displays. The cooperation of all stakeholders is vital in maintaining a smooth and safe traffic environment on the highway.

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