Traffic Diversions Planned on Thursday for Bakrid Namaz in Pune

Pune, 28th June 2023: As the city of Pune prepares for Bakrid celebrations on the 29th of June, special traffic arrangements have been put in place to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles around the Eidgah Maidan near Golibar Maidan in Camp. With a significant number of Muslims expected to gather for collective prayers in mosques and Eidgah grounds, these traffic diversions aim to manage the expected high turnout and facilitate a seamless experience for all participants and commuters.

To avoid congestion in the vicinity, temporary changes in traffic routes will be implemented on the 29th of June. From 6 am until the completion of namaz prayers at the Eidgah in Golibar Maidan Chowk, vehicular traffic will be restricted between Mammadevi Chowk and Golibar Maidan Chowk, as well as Dhole Patil (Seven Loves) Chowk.

The following routes will be affected during the namaz prayer time:

  1. Affected Road: The road leading from Golibar Chowk to Swargate will be closed.Alternative Route: Motorists should take a left turn at CDO Chowk, followed by a right turn at Giridhar Bhawan Chowk, and then another right turn at Seven Loves Chowk to reach their desired destination.
  2. Closed Route: Traffic traveling from CDO Chowk to Golibar Chowk during the namaz prayer time will be diverted upon completion of the prayer (between 6 am and 11 am).Alternative Route: Vehicles heading from Lullanagar towards Khanya Maruti Chowk should take the route via Khatav Bangla Chowk – Napier Road – Mammadevi Chowk Bishop School, or Wanwadi Bazar Chowk – Bhairobanala. Another option is to go through Giridhar Bhavan Chowk.
  3. Road Closure: Traffic moving from Seven Loves Chowk to the Golibar Maidan will be temporarily halted.Alternate Route: Motorists should take the route through Salisbury Park CDO Chowk and Bhairobanala to reach their desired destination.
  4. Closed Road: The road connecting Mammadevi Chowk to Golibar Chowk on Solapur Road will be closed.Alternative Route: Commuters can reach their destination by taking the route through Mammadevi Chowk Bishop School or Old Command Hospital.
  5. Closed Route: Traffic heading from Bhairobanala to Golibar Chowk will be closed at Bhairobanala and redirected to Empress Garden and Lullanagar.Alternative Route: Motorists should use Prince of Wales Road (Empress Garden Road) or take the route Bhairobanala-Wanavadi Bazar-Lullanagar to reach their desired destination.

Additionally, heavy goods vehicles, heavy passenger vehicles, ST buses, and PMPML buses are prohibited from entering the Kondhwa area towards Golibar Chowk.

Alternate Route: The aforementioned vehicles should follow the alternative route from Lullanagar Chowk via Bhairobanala Chowk or Gangadham Chowk to reach their desired destination.

These traffic diversions have been planned to ensure the smooth movement of vehicles and the safety of all individuals participating in the Bakrid Namaz prayers. Commuters are advised to plan their journeys accordingly, follow the designated alternative routes, and cooperate with the authorities to ensure a successful and peaceful celebration of Bakrid in Pune.

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