Traffic Cop Suspended After Viral Video Shows Bribe Incident

DCP Traffic Takes Action Against Vijay Kanojia of Lashkar Traffic Police Department”

In a swift response to a viral video showcasing a traffic policeman accepting a bribe from a motorcyclist, the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) traffic, Rohidas Pawar, has ordered the suspension of officer Vijay Kanojia. Kanojia, attached to the Lashkar Traffic Police Department, faced disciplinary action after the footage surfaced online, prompting an investigation into the incident.

The video, captured on March 30 at Mahavir Chowk, depicts Kanojia stopping a motorcycle rider for a violation related to a fancy number plate. Instead of issuing a fine for the offense, Kanojia allegedly accepted an undisclosed bribe from the rider, leading to widespread condemnation after the video circulated on social media platforms under the caption ‘March End MG Road’.

In light of the serious allegations, DCP Rohidas Pawar ordered an immediate inquiry into the matter. Following the investigation, Kanojia was suspended from duty pending further action.

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